Inside Sales Rep-as-a-Service
Build your team using our team

How does the program work?

Feed your sales team leads from the efforts of our award-winning Inside Sales Reps (ISRs). For a reasonable monthly fee OppTerra will dedicate a full-time ISR dedicated to making calls for you, targeting the company profiles you select, pitching the products you want to sell, so that you can hit your monthly sales goals. The OppTerra ISR can be white-labelled as a member of your own staff, you can contact them for coaching as much as you need, and you get the same person for the duration of your contract.

What can my ISR call on?

Your OppTerra ISR can call on any list you provide. If you don't have a list, your ISR can leverage OppTerra's massive customer database to generate their own list(s). Once the list is created, OppTerra ISRs have been trained to call on the following products:

UCaaS, CCaaS, SD-Wan, Network, Data Center, Cloud, InfoSec, Managed Services, etc.(Sponsored)

Get 12-15 Opportunities each month where you "lead" with the Provider sponsoring your program. Each Opportunity will be with companies looking for assistance with their current technology needs. The companies we target are between 50 to 2000 employees.

UCaaS, CCaaS, SD-Wan, Network, Data Center, Cloud, InfoSec, Managed Services, etc. (Solo)

Get 12-15 Opportunities each month to do with as you please. Each Opportunity will be with companies looking for assistance with their current technology needs. The companies we target are between 50 to 2000 employees.

If you are interested in putting our trained professionals to work for you, please use the contact form below to get in touch with us! We look forward to working with you.


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